Sharing files with you friends..

My previous post about Online backup services reminded me of another recent venture of mine. A friend of mine, the complete Apple Fanboy that he is, wanted to share files with me remotely over the internet and had been using iDrive until his trial period expired. He wanted me to look for a free alternative to this.

My first instinct was to set up a shared Gmail account, which we could both access, and use it to store files via programs like Gspace, Gmail Drive, gDisk etc. But since Google’s been working on a similar service of their own, they’ve changed the way Gmail work thereby rendering most of these services useless.

After a lot of ‘Googling’ I came across A brilliant service that offers free user 2GB worth of space online, a Java desktop app that makes it easier to upload files directly from your desktop thereby eliminating the need of a browser, and the best of all, NO FILE SIZE LIMITS! This is the best service I found so far and if you and you friend have really fast internet connections, it’s very very useful!

Give it a shot guys! It’s totally worth the effort!