I love dogs :P

This is a bit off topic but over my Christmas holidays I found myself getting attached to dogs … being the loving and loyal animals that they are, I’ve found myself badly wanting one! I went back home to my dad’s village to his brother’s place to fall in love with a Brown Labrador that they recently brought home. Bruno (that’s what he’s been aptly named as) is a very loving and affectionate dog that loves meeting new people and always greets people by pouncing on them and biting their forearm – this sounds scary but he doesn’t aggressively bite, it’s more of a harmless and playful bite.

The first time I met him I was affectionately greeted with a big pounce with his paws reaching my chest – I was completely caught off guard and never thought a dog could be that powerful and heavy.

He then continued to greet me by gnawing on my hand and slobbering all over it. He also had this funny way of grabbing someone’s attention – he’d run away with your slippers and get him to chase you all over the place for them. I had a wonderful time with him and can go on and on about him..

After coming back from my short winter getaway, I was surprised by my friend with this cute little Pomeranian puppy named Enzo. 11 weeks old, this one’s a hyper little brown fur-ball!! Not being trained, he pees and poops all over the place but is a real delight to play with.

He’s extremely cute and looks like a fox the size of a hamster. All this just makes me say one thing … Damn, I so wish I had a dog..


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