Nokia 5800 Apps

From now on I’ll be posting the apps and games that I use on my 5800 out here with download links 🙂 Please note that the installation of some of these apps and games might require your phone to be hacked.

1. Fring : I love this app! IM for your phone – MSN, Skype, Gtalk and loads more! Check it out on ITS FREE!
Direct Download link HERE.

2. Slick v0.48 : Another IM app! Download here.

3. Adobe Reader (Cracked :P) : For all your PDF needs! **Please read the ‘readme.txt’ file** Download here.

4. Joikusoft Premium (Cracked) : To share your GPRS connection over wifi! Handy app! Download here.

5. Scratch Pad : Use your phone as a notepad to scribble down notes. Download here.

6. X-plore : The famous file browser to browse all the files on your phone. What’s special about it is it has millions of features like copy paste, viewing hidden files, viewing system files and much much more!! A MUST HAVE! Get  here.

7. Mobisystems Diets (Cracked) : An app for all you health freaks (like me) to keep track of your calories and macros. Get here.

8. Texas Hold’em Poker : Nice game! Get here.

9. Micro Pool : American Pool on your phone! Addictive!!! Get here.

Hope you guys enjoy this! More coming as soon as I find something new and interesting..!


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