Hacking the Nokia 5800 v20.0.012

It’s been a long time since I posted anything but that was because I hadn’t been upto anything interesting and as soon as I did…here’s my post :P. I’ve been jumping around forums for apps and games and hacking tools for my 5800 and I finally had a breakthrough today.

Alright, first and foremost I have to warn you that before you do any ‘hacking’ with your 5800 I suggest you take a backup of your phone memory.

Now, the latest method to hack the 5800 is called HelloOX v1.03. Google it and you’ll find many other tutorials if you get confused with mine…but I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible…with screenshots and the works…

Step 1: Download HelloOX1.3. Extract HelloOX1.3.Unsigned.sis from there and place it on your desktop.
Step 2 (Registering on OPDA): Head over to OPDA and register yourself there. I know the forum is chinese but you can use this video to help you register. I used it to do so. Although you cannot use the method shown in the video to get yourself a certificate. The method has changed now.

Step 3 (Obtaining youself a certificate): Once you’ve registered, head over to the main page of OPDA.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Follow the steps as shown in the screenshots to obtain your certificate and key file. Please note that after submitting your request it takes around 24 hours for you to receive the files. Please be patient.

Step 4: Once you’ve downloaded your cert and key files, save them to your Desktop.

Step 5: Now download SIScontents from here. You will need this to sign your HelloOX1.3.sis with the certificate you just got from OPDA.

Step 6: Unzip SISContents.zip to a folder on your desktop named SISContents and place the OPDA cert and key files in the Shell folder (which will be in the Siscontents folder).

Step 7: Now open extsis.exe, click on open package, and select the HelloOX1.3.Unsigned.sis file. (See Screenshot 4)

Screenshot 4

Step 8: Click on Tools -> Sign Package. (See Screenshot 5)

Screenshot 5

Step 9: Click on the Key Pairs tab and follow the screenshots below. (See Screenshot 6)

Screenshot 6

Step 10: Click on the Package tab again and follow the screenshot. (See Screenshot 7)

Screenshot 7

Step 11: Now Close this window and click on File -> Save As.. and save the file as “HelloOX_signed.sis” or something.

Step 12: Transfer and Install this file to your phone on the MEMORY CARD via Nokia PC Suite. DONT INSTALL TO PHONE MEMORY!!!

Step 13: After installation, run hello OX 1.03 on your phone. Just hit yes for all that comes up. You can now uninstall it once it’s done its thing. You will get a message on your phone saying so. DONT UNINSTALL ROMPATCHER! You need this app for good.

Step 14: Download the installserver.rmp file from here.

Step 15: Once downloaded, place a copy of this file on the folder “Patches” on your memory card.

Step 16: Disconnect your phone from the computer.

Step 17: Open the ROMPatcher app on your phone.

Step 18: Highlight ChangeSWIpolicyPath and press options. Click Patch and click Enable. If it’s already Enabled it will show Disable. Click Options again -> click Patch -> click “Add to Auto”.

Step 19: Do the same (i.e. ENABLE and ADD TO AUTO) for Installserver and open4all.

Step 20: Press Exit!

YOUR Nokia 5800 v20.0.012 is COMPLETELY HACKED!!

I have not tried this on other versions and do not claim any responsibility whatsoever for anything that goes wrong with your phone. I followed the same steps and it’s working like a charm for me. Feel free to add your comments and let me know how it went! If you want to post this guide elsewhere please give proper credits to me! I’ve slogged a lot for this!

Until next time…

UPDATE: Works for v21 as well!


51 Responses to “Hacking the Nokia 5800 v20.0.012”

  1. Deepak Julien Says:

    Hi, does this require a 17 Capability certificate to sign.

  2. Sulaiman Says:

    Major Work.
    tried it on v11 and didnt work.. i’ll upgrade to v20 and try again .

    Thanks alot ..

  3. Sulaiman Says:

    Just Finished Updating to v20 … the patching works 100% ..

    Thanks again … ur the best πŸ™‚

  4. Sulaiman Says:

    Seems that I bought a device with east asian languiges CODE . and got stuck withva chinese and malaysian keyboard.. I did a research and found that i have to change my phones Code to an ARABIC one then reinstall the update ..

    Hope every1 notices this b4 updating πŸ™‚ … thx

  5. ukkepuk Says:

    How can I see if this hack works?
    I see no difference.

  6. rendy Says:

    great work bro… now i can install KMS 8, Adobe Reader LE 2.5 and more… thx

    the patch works good in my 5800 v20.. but now, because something i want to upgrade to earlier version,,, what do you think? whether patch will works in earlier version (i don’t know the version)?

  7. Ian Says:

    Once I enable and put into add to auto, do i need to Apply it? or stop until add to auto all of the 3? And can I uninstall the Rom patcher once all completed?


    • maneck35 Says:

      2. You just need to enable the patch and add to auto…that’s it.

  8. Ian Says:

    ok..Thanks maneck35 πŸ™‚

  9. Boyee Says:

    ROMPatcher is not applying any of the files mentioned in the step?

    Can you think of any reasons why?

  10. Boyee Says:

    Sorry, to double post, just to add i had installserver patched with a tick but when i tried to auto tag it it failed. Tried uninstalling all related apps to try again but nothing.

    Might try resseting the phone and trying again, but in the mean time if you have any suggestions let me know.

  11. darkbrightside Says:

    thanks sooooooooo much!!!!!! its works on my 5800 XM v20 phone

  12. Boyee Says:

    Is sorted now, shall be looking at a few apps during the day.


  13. Paloking Says:

    HELPPPP i made the cirtificate and when i went to download it i was only allowed to download the cirtificate but not the key?
    please email me the answer!!or by comment!!!

    • maneck35 Says:

      never had that problem :S i just recently got another certificate for a friend, looking back at this guide πŸ™‚

  14. cladius Says:

    I tried on v. 11 but it did not work, I am updatig now to latest version
    21.0.025, shall this hacking work on this latest version. please reply to me. Thanks

  15. cladius Says:

    you didn;t unserstabd me, I upgraded to the latest version which is 21.0.025 from Nokia, and I tried to install Hello OX Singed but again say Expired Certificate..
    What should I do. ? Please reply

  16. Charlie Carvajal Says:

    Well man… Im from Ecuador and I had many problems with this hack… causeΒ΄ the patch installserver doesnt work!! but reading this post ill try this tomorrow and I tell them

  17. Paloking Says:

    Please!!!helpp me!!! i really need to fix it =[[[

  18. cladius Says:

    Pls. help me…I upgraded to the latest version which is 21.0.025 from Nokia, and I tried to install Hello OX Singed but again say Expired Certificate..
    What should I do. ? Please reply

  19. cladius Says:

    When I try to sing Hello Ox with my certificate and key , it’s signed BUT the problem after I try to install the Signed Hello OX on the Phone, it shows certificate ERROR….
    So what to do…Provided that my software version is v21

  20. cladius Says:

    help pls.

  21. Dunant Says:

    Nokia 5800 is 5th Edition and why this site mentioning it as 3rd edition,I have V.20 and I applied for the certificate today.If I do this hacking my installed files and programs will go or it will remain? please clear me, I am first time trying this and not much experience

  22. Dunant Says:

    Maneck please telll me as you installed already in V.20, any pre installed programs or files gone during this hacking operation?

  23. Dunant Says:

    Maneck please tell me if something will go wrong if we hack the phone?I got certificate and key from OPDA and I used this to sign adobe readrer 2.5LE which I had an cracked version, And now it is working in my mobile. So this OPDA cert, and key we can use to sign this SIS files and why we need to Hack the phone? After Hacking there will not be any security threat or no problem? I am out from India now and here no nokia care to take my mobile if something go wrong, so please help me, tell me pre installed file will get any trouble during hacking operation

    • maneck35 Says:

      yeah u can sign the seperate apps as well if the hack doesn’t work..there’s no problem as such. There is nothing wrong if you give a hacked phone to the nokia service centres. Also, the hack is just a software – so i don’t think it’s going to do any harm to the fone. Also, it’s not like the iPhone – you can’t brick the phone by hacking it. So it’s all OK! Stop worrying so much. Also, I’m away on holiday and won’t be getting much time to reply. I’ve also switched over to an HTC Magic which I got as a free upgrade and hence handed over my Nokia 5800 to my sister – so I won’t be using it any more now.

  24. Dunant Says:

    Thank You Maneck, I am going to hack my phone, everything I downloaded. In step 13 you told uninstall it once its done, you mean to say uninstall the Hello OX?
    And Step 17 you mention open ROMPatcher app, is it mean to open the from the folder I am going to create as “Patches” the .rmp file? Because I couldn’t find now any ROMPatcher app in my phone right now neither in PHONE nor in MEMORY card
    And I received is a .rar file in step14 and I extracted it and got Installserver_ALL fp2.rmp
    Please reply me to start hacking dear, as I mentioned as I am outside India not possible to make any repair at outside

  25. Dunant Says:

    Maneck please reply, I already created a folder “Patches” in memory card and put .rmp file in it now.
    Hello OX signed and ready to install, I reach now step 12.
    Just clear me Step17 and Step 13 doubts.
    Thanks in advance for your effort dear

  26. Dunant Says:

    I installed Hello OX, Now have to go Step 13
    Please clear my mentioned doubtsManeck
    Step 13 about Unintall (Hello OX can unintall?)
    Step17Open ROM Patcher(mean open that “Patches” Folder

  27. Dunant Says:

    Maneck Please reply…clear me on he doubts

  28. Dunant Says:

    Maneck please reply, I opened the Folder”Pathes” where I had keep.rmp file(in Memory card) but ROM Patcher application couldn’t find there. Please clear me from where I should open ROMPatcher app.?
    I reach upto Step 13 please clear my doubts to finish hacking.

    • maneck35 Says:

      First of all your english is very very poor which makes it very tough for me to understand your queries. Secondly, I have told you that I am away on holiday and can’t reply instantly! You need to install helloOX first to see the ROMpatcher application on your phone! Just do everything step by step!! Stop jumping steps or you will obviously mess your phone. If you are still unsure about the whole thing just do as you said before – sign the apps separately and install them. That’s easier and risk-free.

  29. Dunant Says:

    Sorry I am little poor in Software, but you cleared it now thank you verymuch.I gone step by step only dear, But I was looking forehead, If I am a software specialist may be I will not ask you where can I found ROMPathcher! I was thinking that may be this one inbuilt. Now I am going to start from Step13

  30. Dunant Says:

    Maneck..YOU ARE A SOFTWARE GENIOUS…..I made it, I hacked my Nokia5800 and Installed Xplore and Adobe Reader with a 11709873days trial…ha..haa You r great dear,thank You very much.
    Let me ask you one Question, the applications what we are installing can be install in Memory card also?Normally I am installing in Phone Memory. Will be there any change on speed of working of Mobile? Once again Thank You So Much and Enjoy Your Holidays..

    • maneck35 Says:

      you can install all your apps on your memory card! in fact i install mine only on the memory card….its only the helloOX thing that requires you to install it on your phone..

  31. Dunant Says:

    but you had mention that don’t install hello ox in phone memory.i installed it in my memory card and run also.so may be this is the reason now i am in trouble withAdobe reader.I had Quick office in my phone and Adobe reader had a trial version.I had removed my trial version once it expired, but now after hacking i installed Adobe crack version and by usingXplore i put that 3files inC:sys\bin.But when i opened adobe it is showing trial expired.then i completely deleted viaNokiaPCsuite,Quick officeManager,Adobe,and all.Then again installedAdobe cracked and copied that3files toC:sys\bin. Then when i open adobe it is giving 110780093days trial.But problem is now when i installed Quick office to read word,excel,pps filesAdobe again showing that trial expired.Can you suggest me any solution for this?

  32. Dunant Says:

    I have Quick Office to Read Word,Excel, and PPS files and it is with this file name, I had downloaded it for free from some website via Google before. “ProExSAVariant_QO_4.2.368_S6050″(5026KB)
    And Adobe trail what I had installed before was “AdobeReaderExternalSA_Variant_AR_2.5.361_Nokia_S605.0″(3528KB)
    And the file name from Your cracked adobe reader I found also “AdobeReaderExternalSA_Variant_AR_2.5.361_Nokia_S605.0″(3528KB)

    Is it a problem coming because of previous Registry? If yes How can I remove it?
    Now I have 11709873days trial for Adobe but when I am installing my Quick Office it Expiring days of trial.
    And also please don’t forget to Reply for Hello OX, as you mentioned in step 12 I had installed it on Memory Card and run it but now you mention it to install in Phone

  33. Dunant Says:

    Maneck I forget to mention one think, When I run Hello OX, it asked whether to install Modo and I click yes.Now In Menu I found one Folder named as “LeftUp” and inside an application named as”Modo” For what this we need ? Do I have to do anything with this? When I open Modo I found C,D,E and Z.

  34. Dunant Says:

    maneck please give me any solution if you know to work both quick office and adobe reader.

  35. Dunant Says:

    maneck I got another Adobe from http://nokia5800xm.net/2009/adobe-reader-le-v250-for-nokia/#more-778
    Zooming is not possible direct, have to take from option.But now I can use Quick office and adobe. But please advise if there is any option to use your’s adobe along with Quick Office

  36. ken Says:

    My phone is locked to Cincinnati Bell will hacking unlock the nokia 5800

  37. Dunant Says:

    Maneck shall I believe that you have no option to install Quick office and Adobe(What you have ) at same time? Also you not answered about the reply you gave me to install Hello OX in the phone. In the steps you had mentioned to install on Memory, so I install, it is OK or not?

  38. Dunant Says:

    And this “Modo” finding in the folder “Left Up” finding after hacking the phone, required for anything or can I delete that?

  39. Dunant Says:

    maneck shall I believe that you don’t like to answer or you are trying to solve it. If the answer is first one, OK Thank you again for your effort you done once again, its a nice work and Bye

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