The Nokia 5800

I’ve been posting a lot about computers and software and thought I should post something about the other side of the geekiness that is Maneck. MOBILE PHONES! I currently own an N81 8GB and am a big Nokia fanboy. I love the Symbian OS and am completely bowled over by the S60 Touch OS. In short, I WANT THE NOKIA 5800.

I’ve read quite a few reviews and it’s a decent iPhone replacement. I’m not saying that the Iphone is bad…but it just lacks those few features…and the OS isn’t too open…but that’s all my point of view. Well, from the top of my head here are a few things that I think the iPhone lacks and the 5800 has:

  1. The most important thing – PROPER BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY and A2DP. I don’t know what it is with Apple and their lameness of not allowing file transfer via BT. I know they did it to prevent people from sending songs and they’re totally against piracy and all…but what about photos, videos etc?
  2. Handwriting Recognition – A smartphone should have this! Every PDA and handheld PC has had it since ages…so why not? I personally love the text prediction in the Iphone but I think adding this feature would’ve increased the phones WOW factor. From the looks of the reviws, the Nokia 5800 has got this feature right!
  3. SMS forwarding
  4. MMS
  5. A decent camera with flash that is CAPABLE OF RECORDING VIDEOS.
  6. A web browser with built in Flash.
  7. A god damn decent price!! I’m not paying £350 for an iPhone that’s locked only to one network and has nothing but features that are pretty basic nowadays.

I know these features can be added with extra apps from the App Store but my point is that the phone should have these features built in! I mean that’s what we’re all paying for! Anyways I can’t wait to get my hands on the Nokia 5800. It’s on sale for AED1500 in Dubai that’s around £275 and I’m surely getting one in a few days!


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