Google Chrome no more Beta!

I’ve been following Google Chrome since the time it was introduced. I was excited to try out Google’s revolutionary browser and I think their products have a reputation of being light, zippy and very stable. 

I installed the beta version to find the browser looking smart, working like a dream but with one crucial problem. The browser was incapable of scrolling up when I used my touchpad. I downloaded the several updated beta versions but none of them solved the problem. This was very unlikely of Google and I must say I was thoroughly disappointed.

Three and a half months down the line, Chrome is out of beta and v1.0 has been launched. I thought I’d give it one last try… IT WORKS!! AND LIKE A DREAM!! ITS FAST, ZIPPY, SMART, GOT COOL ANIMATIONS AND SURELY BETTER THAN FIREFOX!! Although there’s only one thing preventing me from making the switch to Chrome – Extensions. The day extensions prop into the Chrome scene…I’m in!

Till then it’s FF2…And I haven’t yet made the switch to FF3 because a lot of my extensions are incompatible..especially Real Player Download Plugin v1.0

Posted using Google Chrome – I’m truly loving it!!(Sorry Mac and Linux users, Google is still working on developing Chrome for you guys)


One Response to “Google Chrome no more Beta!”

  1. coffee Says:

    it will be interesting to see if Chrome can get as much market share as Firefox; for now they seem to have leveled off…

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