The Mac Experience (I’m a PC for-frikkin-ever!)

A friend of mine just bought a Mac and switching over from Windows isn’t as easy as’ve got to back up your personal files, email and those small things you might forget like your bookmarks and contacts. There’s always a chance that you’ll miss out on a few things but I always prefer to keep frequent backups of my data just in case of a hard disk failure or anything of that sort.

It is for this purpose that I use Mozy. It keeps backing up your files frequently to a storage space allocated to you online. You get 2GB free and need to pay for more storage need be. Check it out at A beta version is available for Mac and I suggest all Mac users to get this too!

There are lots of other alternatives and one worth mentioning is Gmail Drive. It enables the free space in your Gmail account to be shown as a hard disk on your computer. Check it out at

Last but not the least, as suggested by Dr.B I’m checking out in an attempt to control my PC remotely via my phone – more on the success/disaster reports later.

Oh, and one more thing – as suggested by my friend, the best alternative so far to MSN Messenger on Mac is aMsn. I have used the version made for Linux and found it to have pretty much all the options that the latest version of Windows Live Messenger offers for Windows users. I don’t know for sure about the OSX version but am guessing it’ll be the same. Adium is the more popular alternative but my friend found it to have a few basic features like nudging missing – so the final verdict is in favour of aMsn (for now).


3 Responses to “The Mac Experience (I’m a PC for-frikkin-ever!)”

  1. Sangeetha Says:

    Well, if you want to become a full-fledged Mac user, I guess you’ll have to go through all of that. I invested in Parallels & run Microsoft and Leopard, making the best of both worlds. As much as I love my shiny pretentious white Mac (& somehow glad that I blew off about 2 months worth of paychecks) I quite dislike the Microsoft Office for Mac. It’s just not the same.

    • maneck35 Says:

      Well I hate to tell you this but you can dual boot Windows and OSX on your Macbook using a freeware called Boot Camp. It comes pre-installed in every Mac and all you need is a Windows installation CD and your Leopard Installation DVD (which I hope you kept – it comes with your laptop :P).

  2. Deepak Julien Says:

    I am, running patched leopard and win 7 and on my intel pc and an external thumbdrive formatted with FAT helps for these data transfers

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