The Grand Theft Auto 4 Adventures

GTA 4 is out as we all know it and you better know something about me…I’ve never bought a legitimate copy of software/game/OS in my life. I’ve got the game from the regular sources and have tried installing it but can’t as I don’t have Vista SP1.

I’d install it if I could but as you all might have already guessed, my copy of Vista isn’t legitimate as well. I’ve used the Paradox crack for my copy of Vista but can’t upgrade to SP1 as it detects the crack and disables it.

I’ve looked around and have found a solution to this but haven’t tried it out. The paradox crack needs to be removed and I need to use Vista Loader 3.0.0 to crack vista. This crack would allow me to install SP1 on my copy of vista. I’m still paranoid about trying it out as I can’t stand the thought of backing up my data and formating my laptop of anything goes wrong.

I’ve formatted computers/laptops at least a 100 times and dread the process! Another alternative is to dual boot my OS with XP and install SP3 in there and run the game from there…still thinking about it…will post my decision and the result soon!

P.S. There has been no legitimate crack made available for GTA4 yet but a team by the name of RELOADED has developed one and claim it should be out by 6pm GMT tomorrow (4/12/08).


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